Monday, April 27, 2009

Is enviromentalism the new religion

It is very confusing that the same people who disavow god and religion are the same people worshipping the earth. I am not trying to say that doing what we can to clean and maintain our planet is a bad thing. I think we should all be concious of the effects of our actions. The issue I am having is that the environmental issue is turning into not only a religion but a state sponsered one at that. If anyone dares to criticize the movement they are ostricized not only by the public but in many ways by government itself. Having earth day celebrations to me is the same as having a christmas easter or any other religious holiday EXCEPT that earth day propaganda is allowed in our schools in our offices of government and many other places that conventional religion dare not go. It is taught in our schools not only indoctrinating the children into the new religion but teaching them that it is their responsibility to inform authorities if they see violations of the religious code including informing on parents and family members. Earth and sun and moon religions are probably the first religions known to mankind.

Saturday, April 11, 2009

My Truth

When I was young I thought adults were supposed to work hard to earn money to buy stuff. You would need to have a house and cars and boats,campers,motorcycles,clothes,watches,etc.

As I grew up and began acquiring things I noticed something quite peculiar. The more stuff you owned the more responsibilities you earned.

A car needs maintenance and repairs. It also needs insurance and gas. There are property taxes to consider as well as safety inspections and parking costs. All your property should be insured and of course you need to store it. Even an apartment has major costs to consider. Electric bills, gas bills,phone,cable,and several other indentures that you can accrue. Rent not having been mentioned for one.

So of course a source of income is required to maintain all these indemnities. Unless your family is wealthy enough to provide for you a job is going to be mandatory. Without a proper education or a great talent the pay scale is going to make it extremely difficult to keep up with the bills.

Of course no matter what pay scale you achieve the first entity to get paid is going to be your local, state, and federal government in the form of TAXES. Lets not forget every time you do spend your earnings you are going to have to cover your sales tax. Even your utilities such as gas phone elect. are going to be taxed. If you smoke tobacco or when you purchase alcohol or gasoline there will be taxes built right into the cost.

Another major cost and perhaps the most important is your sustenance (your Food). Three meals a day seven days a week plus snacks sodas coffee etc will be required.

Now lets consider another truth of life pertaining to your livelihood. When it gets hard to pay the bills or you want to own something you do not have the money for you will turn to the banks for help. They will most likely depending on your job status and income level provide you with credit. Of course you are promising to create enough wealth to maintain your life's responsibilities as well as repaying your debt. If your income is derived from hourly labor your promise requires you to work a portion of the week to accrue the monetary wealth to pay your debt. On top of the repayment of your debt you are going to have to give your bank a usury percentage for the privilege of using their money. It will not take you long to realize the more you borrow the higher the usury gets. If your debt gets out of control and you have difficulties making the monthly payments your friendly bank will charge you late fees and overdraw fees.

Friday, April 10, 2009

Finding purpose

Being told all my life that I always have an answer to everything. I found a career that provides pretty well by being able to answer quickly. I have spent fourteen years selling cars and trucks.

For as long as I have held employment I have never been happy taking orders from authority figures.I have also discovered that the answer to that was to be self sufficient. This means working on a straight commission basis with several car dealers. If you do not understand straight commission no sale no pay. I work when I want where I want and if I want.

The Quest

Where to begin. It is much easier to think of things to express than the actual action of expression.

I have studied extensively into all matters of subjects. I have mastered none.

The thing I have been searching for my whole life has always been eluding me. I only recently discovered the nature of this quest.

First I sought knowledge.

Then I met people who knew all sorts of things yet seemed to me the most moronic sort. They knew not how to apply it.

Secondly I sought wisdom for as surely this would be the ability to put knowledge to a productive use.

Then I met people who lived a delusional life of false priorities and lust for material gain.

Lastly I found something which has since being discovered occupied my obscessive search. I know fully I am on a quest for TRUTH.

Not your TRUTH!

Not Their TRUTH!

No Ones TRUTH but my own!!!!!!


beginning a blog

This morning I have decided to start a Blog. Not knowing much about this particular art form I am sure it will seem quite amateurish at first. I promise to hone my skills to provide content you would be willing to read. I hope to give you my personal insights into different aspects of our society.

Comments are always welcome.

Thank You