Tuesday, June 2, 2009

The Painful Truth

What have we come to. Government owns car companies government controls large banks insurance and mortgage companies. Government controls schools government controls transportation.

What do we control?? The vote yeah we get to vote between two people for president that each of the political parties puts forward. Vote for Frick or vote for Frack what is the difference.. I do not think many of us believe that there is much honor in either party. Both seek to control and maintain POWER for themselves even though they are elected to represent us. I believe the majority of politicians are more interested in their own careers than they are interested in any of us. Politicians repay favors to the extent that it seems like absolute corruption.

I know, we control the property we worked hard to acquire and no one can take that away from us. Are you sure???? You think you can stop the government from seizing your property from you GUESS AGAIN. There are many reasons for the government to take your possessions.

1. You fail to give the right portion of your earnings to the government.

2. Some corporate entity can show how they could produce jobs or revenue better than you could if only they were the ones controlling your land.

3. You give in to addiction and get caught with illegal drugs then everything you own is seized by the government.

4. You fail to repay a debt and the courts seize your property to be sold by the creditor.

5. The taxes on your home does not get paid in a timely manner.

We the people of the United States of America have been reduced to serfs. You maintain and cover the taxes on your property as long as the government says you can. You work to earn wages only to give a portion to our lords the government. The so called leaders use our garnishments to manipulate the system to allow themselves the ability to maintain power.


The american government rules by fear and intimidation. Why do you pay your income tax?? Is it your duty?? No you pay because you are afraid of the IRS if you do not give up a portion of your earnings not only will they incarcerate you they WILL take any property you have aquired. "You can't fight city hall" that is not true you can fight you are just afraid too. You want to speak up but you are afraid of who might hear you. You want to protest but you are afraid of who might film you. If the Department of Homeland Security was established to protect us then why are they targeting us.

You are even afraid to discipline your children because you fear your local child protection services. Once a family gets in their system the family unit is controlled by the government.

Foster care is a profitable entity. The court systems are profitable entities. The prisons are profitable entities. All these bureaucracies are like a giant human meat grinder destroying lives and families.