Sunday, November 29, 2009

Is it ok to lie to your kids about Santa

Sure its fun to tell Santa stories to your children. Its even wonderful to watch holiday specials with your children who are anticipating Christmas.
How about if you use Santa all year as like the all seeing entity watching your children always keeping his naughty/nice list up to date. Do you ever wonder if this causes some anxiety in children? Don't forget Santa's watching!!
When a child discovers that his/her parents have been duping them for years into believing in this omnipresents do they have a right to feel betrayed?
Then this same parent punishes you if you get caught in a lie. This would be the grand awakening to hypocrisy.
Does believing that presents magically appear on Christmas morning create a feeling of entitlement in children? Do they ever outgrow this feeling?
Does the overwhelming materialism pervading American society stem from the mystical magical Santa providing gifts out of thin air?
Another thing that is questionable about the whole Santa thing is the used of forced labor camps. Elves are born raised and live for the simple purpose of manufacturing toys and clothes for the benefit of greedy children worldwide.
Now I am not anti Christmas I believe the magic of giving to others is one of the most special experiences you can enjoy. The lack of a need for recognition of the presentation of the gifts is noble and honorable. It is not Christmas I question it is the corporate created Santa that I have a few problems with.