Monday, December 7, 2009

Small Business Owner Enigma

Corporations are gobbling up every sector of our economy. Family owned pharmacies are becoming extinct. Convenience stores are all becoming franchised. Even coffee shops are all monotonously redundant. The Funeral service industry is also being consolidated into corporate entities. Not twenty years ago there were still family owned grocery stores. There are still some grocers that are family owned and usually cater to a particular ethnic inventory.
There are still family run bakeries. The pizza shops are probably split between corporate and family owned. Liquor is also a business that retains a lot of private ownership. Once the small business is forced to close the only option for most of the family members is to work for the corporation that squeezed his business out of the market
Manufacturing small businesses, while there as still some remaining are being strangled by the influx of cheap foreign goods. The corporations do provide an income to its employees but the dream, you know the American dream is squeezed out of their soul. The feeling of being ones own employer is priceless compared to the sycophantic behavior demanded by corporate bureaucracy.
When an employee works for a family business after awhile he becomes almost as though part of the family. When that job is lost he simply becomes another employee number in the gears of the administrational behemoth that is the corporate entity of his employment.
Locked into an existence of pathetic pay raises and endless hoping for advancement. Many times watching someone younger and less experience getting promoted instead.
The return of the small business is not only what this country needs. It is also what would be beneficial to other countries throughout the world. There is no greater desire to work then there is when the business is yours. The knowledge that you are creating a legacy for your offspring.
The conundrum is after a few generations of successful businessmen born in the small business legacy. The small business becomes another Goliath rolling over the backs of weaker businesses.