Monday, April 27, 2009

Is enviromentalism the new religion

It is very confusing that the same people who disavow god and religion are the same people worshipping the earth. I am not trying to say that doing what we can to clean and maintain our planet is a bad thing. I think we should all be concious of the effects of our actions. The issue I am having is that the environmental issue is turning into not only a religion but a state sponsered one at that. If anyone dares to criticize the movement they are ostricized not only by the public but in many ways by government itself. Having earth day celebrations to me is the same as having a christmas easter or any other religious holiday EXCEPT that earth day propaganda is allowed in our schools in our offices of government and many other places that conventional religion dare not go. It is taught in our schools not only indoctrinating the children into the new religion but teaching them that it is their responsibility to inform authorities if they see violations of the religious code including informing on parents and family members. Earth and sun and moon religions are probably the first religions known to mankind.